12 best pet friendly beaches in Mexico

12 mejores playas pet friendly en México

If you are a travel lover and do not want to leave your furry companion behind, you are in the right place. Mexico has a wide variety of beautiful beaches that are ideal to enjoy in the company of your dog. From pristine beaches and white sands to breathtaking scenery and a warm culture, this country has a lot to offer four-legged travelers.

In this blog, we will present you the 12 best pet friendly beaches in Mexico, where both you and your furry friend can enjoy unforgettable moments together. You will discover destinations that go from the Baja California peninsula to the coasts of the Mexican Caribbean, with options for all tastes and budgets.

So get ready to discover the hidden gems of Mexico, where you can enjoy the sea breeze, the bright sun and fun on the beach with your loyal companion. Let's start this exciting journey through the best pet friendly beaches in Mexico.

What is a pet friendly beach?

A pet friendly beach is one that allows the presence of pets, in this case, dogs. It is a space where dog owners can bring their furry friends to enjoy the beach and the sea together. Unlike traditional beaches that usually have restrictions for animals, pet friendly beaches are designed to be inclusive and offer a safe and pleasant environment for pets and their owners.

On a pet friendly beach, specific rules and regulations are usually established to guarantee peaceful coexistence between dogs, their owners and other visitors. These rules may include requirements such as leashing dogs, picking up waste, maintaining control over dog behavior, and respecting the natural environment.

In addition, some pet friendly beaches may also offer additional services and amenities, such as designated areas for dogs, water bowls, bags to pick up waste, showers to rinse pets, and shaded areas to rest. These beaches allow dog owners to enjoy moments of fun and relaxation with their four-legged companions, without having to worry about limitations or restrictions.

Benefits of the beach for dogs

The beach offers a wide variety of benefits for dogs. Here I present some of the main ones:

Exercise and fun

The beach is a perfect place for dogs to run, play and exercise. The open space and soft sand allow them to move freely, which helps keep them active and healthy. They can swim in the sea, chase balls or just enjoy long walks along the shore.

Brain stimulation

The beach offers a stimulating environment for dogs. New smells, sounds, and textures keep them alert and arouse their curiosity. Exploring a different environment stimulates your mind and enriches your sensory experience, which is beneficial to your overall well-being.


The beach is a meeting place for dogs and owners of all kinds. It is an opportunity for the dogs to interact with each other, meet new people and practice social skills. This is especially beneficial for dogs that tend to be shy or reactive, as it gives them the opportunity to socialize in an open and relaxed environment.

Physical stimulation

Sea water provides a therapeutic effect for dogs, as it allows them to cool down and relieve heat. Swimming in the sea can also be beneficial for your cardiovascular and muscular systems, helping you to stay fit and strengthen your muscles.

Relaxation and emotional well-being

The beach is a natural environment that conveys a sense of calm and relaxation. The sound of the waves, the sea breeze and contact with nature can help reduce stress and anxiety in dogs. Additionally, spending time outdoors and in the sun supports the production of vitamin D, which is important for your overall health and well-being.

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12 best beaches to visit in Mexico with your pet

La Ropa Beach, Zihuatanejo

Located in the beautiful bay of Zihuatanejo, this beach is known for its scenic beauty and relaxed atmosphere. Here you will find designated areas for dogs and the possibility of enjoying water activities with your pet.

Sayulita Beach, Riviera Nayarit

 This picturesque destination is famous for its perfect waves for surfing, but it is also a pet friendly place. Sayulita has wide beaches and a relaxed atmosphere, where your dog can enjoy as much as you do.

Paradise Beach, Tulum

 Nestled on the beautiful coast of the Riviera Maya, Playa Paraíso is a beach with crystal clear waters and white sand. Here you will find areas designated for dogs and you can enjoy the natural beauty of the region with your pet.

Playa Linda, Veracruz

This beach is located in the Sistema Arrecifal Veracruzano National Park and offers an impressive natural environment. Here, your dog will be able to enjoy long walks on the beach and the opportunity to observe birds and other animals.

Pescadero Beach, Baja California Sur

 Located near Todos Santos, this beach offers a calm atmosphere and beautiful landscapes. Here you will find a stretch of beach where dogs are welcome and you can enjoy the tranquility of this destination.

Chachalacas Beach, Veracruz

Known for its impressive dunes and perfect waves for surfing, Playa Chachalacas is also pet friendly. Here, your dog can run and play in the sand while you enjoy the coastal scenery.

El Palmar Beach, Manzanillo

This beach on the Pacific coast is perfect for enjoying a day of sun and sea with your pet. It has large areas to walk and relax while your dog has fun.

Las Animas Beach, Puerto Vallarta

This beach, located in a beautiful bay, offers a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Here you will find pet friendly restaurants and bars, where you can enjoy a meal or a drink with your dog.

Bonfil Beach, Acapulco

It is a perfect place to take long walks with your dog and allow him to play and have fun on the beach. In addition, the beach offers a good amount of natural shade, which is ideal for resting and cooling off on hot days.

El Palmarito Beach, Oaxaca

 This virgin beach on the Oaxacan coast is a true paradise for nature lovers and their pets. Its calm waters and scenic beauty make it a perfect destination to enjoy in the company of your dog.

Coral Beach, Cancun

Located in the Hotel Zone of Cancun, Playa Coral has designated areas for dogs and is ideal for those who want to enjoy the comforts of a tourist destination with their pet.

El Novillero Beach, Nayarit

With its endless kilometers of golden sand, this beach is perfect for enjoying long walks with your pet. In addition, it has calm and shallow waters, ideal for your dog to have fun.

Always remember to check the local regulations and rules of each beach before visiting them with your pet, as well as bring water, bags to collect waste and maintain control over your dog's behavior to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for everyone.


In conclusion, Mexico offers a wide range of options to enjoy the beaches in the company of our pets, whose action prevents them from suffering from the famous separation anxiety in dogs (if you want to know about this, click on the link). The 12 pet friendly beaches that we have explored in this blog are just a sample of the incredible destinations that the country has to offer.

From the beautiful shores of the Caribbean to the stunning beaches of the Pacific, there is something for every taste and preference. These beaches not only provide the opportunity to relax and enjoy the sun and the sea, but also allow us to create unforgettable memories with our faithful loins.

It is important to remember that, when visiting these beaches, we must follow the established rules and respect the natural environment. It is our responsibility to care for and preserve these beautiful destinations so that future generations can also enjoy them.

So, if you are looking for a beach vacation and do not want to leave your beloved dog behind, do not hesitate to explore the wonderful pet friendly beaches of Mexico. Venture out and discover the beauty of these beaches while you share unforgettable moments with your pet in the Mexican paradise!

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