CBD para Gatos

CBD for Cats


    CBD for cats is a natural option for pain and anxiety relief. Cats can benefit from CBD just as much as humans, and many cat owners have used it to help their pets deal with stress and anxiety. CBD is safe for cats and has no adverse side effects, making it a viable treatment option as it also helps reduce pain and inflammation, and improves appetite.


    Waggy's® Cat Oil

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    Salmon and Olive Oil for Cats

    Ideal for Separation Anxiety, Insomnia, Fears, Aggression, Nervousness, Stress and Hyperactivity.

    • 🐾 The only ones specialized in treating stress and anxiety in pets. In this return to normality, support it in the healthiest and safest way with our Waggy's!® relaxing oils with 100% natural ingredients.
    • 😸 Support more balanced behavior by relieving separation anxiety, excessive meowing and aggression. It helps your relaxation to rest on those sleepless nights and supports healthy social interaction for those visits to the house .
    • Reduce your stress levels to healthier levels for those trips, vet and groomer appointments. Promotes your peace of mind by reducing hyperactivity, fear of storms, fireworks and loud noises.
    • 🐶 In just 30 min you will notice the difference. Our highly efficient formula lasts between 4-6 hrs. Without side effects, or sedatives, it does not cause addiction or affect your personality due to its 100% natural ingredients.
    • 🍃Satisfaction guaranteed. added with Omegas, terpenes , gluten free, artificial flavors and preservatives like BTA & BHA. ideal for cats of all ages, sizes and races.

      CBD Dosage for Cats

      Find the ideal dosage for your kitty.

      dosis cbd gatos

      CBD FAQs for Cats

      CBD for cats is one of many cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis sativa plant.

      The cannabis sativa plant can be found in the form of marijuana or hemp. The main difference is their chemical composition. Marijuana is mostly made up of THC, which is the psychoactive and recreational part, unlike hemp, which mostly has CBD, which helps us relax and reduce pain.

      Waggy's range of products are based on the use of isolated CBD, this means that it is free of THC and other cannabinoids. This helps us to provide greater security to our customers, and in addition to a high quality in our products.

      Of course! Thanks to the endocannabinoid system.

      Did you know that the cat naturally has an endocannabinoid system? This has receptors that are throughout your body, which helps a safe and friendly absorption with your entire body, helping your relaxation and reducing your aggressiveness.

      CBD in cats, in addition to relaxing it, can benefit their health.

      Multiple scientific studies have shown that CBD has functions as an analgesic, joint protector, anti-inflammatory, it also reduces nausea and combats intestinal problems. In addition to being an excellent product to treat feline asthma and chronic respiratory information.

      The most widely used today is CBD isolated in oil, which can be administered directly into your mouth or on your food.

      Waggy's offers you excellent options such as extra virgin olive oil or its premium salmon oil, both of which are exclusively for cats.

      The recommended dosage is 0.5 - 2mg per kilogram of weight.

      Remember that the total amount of CBD is the amount indicated on the label.

      So a 30ml bottle of 250mg CBD hemp oil contains a total of 250mg CBD and each shot contains 3.33mg CBD.

      For example: A 5 kg cat will receive 2 shots of a 250mg oil or 1 shot of a 500mg oil on a small portion of food, on its paw to lick it or if your cat accepts it, directly into its mouth. .

      CBD for cats takes 30 - 40 minutes to start working.

      Once the CBD takes effect, your pet will relax for 4-8 hours. Keep in mind that this duration can vary depending on the size, breed and level of activity you have.

      Remember that isolated CBD is safe and natural for your pet, so you should not worry if it ingests a little more.

      It has multiple benefits. The ones that we could highlight for kittens would be mainly:

      • Anxiety: Reduces anxiety in cats, especially those who are prone to stress and fear. This can be particularly helpful for cats who are afraid of vet visits or car trips.
      • Pain: Relieves chronic pain in cats, especially pain associated with conditions such as arthritis or cancer.
      • Inflammation: Decreases inflammation in cats suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease or dermatitis.
      • Seizures: Decreases the frequency and intensity of seizures in cats suffering from epilepsy.
      • Appetite: Stimulates the appetite of cats that have trouble eating, especially those receiving cancer treatment.

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