Games for Cats: 10+ Easy Ideas to Entertain at Home

Juegos para Gatos: 10+ Ideas Fáciles para Entretener en Casa

Being part of our michis' fun is more important than you could imagine. That is why Waggy's, in this article, seeks to share several healthy and healthy play options that you can include in your routine. Stay reading and let's discover the importance of playing with them, some tips and why not? More than 10 fun options to put into practice.

Benefits of playing with cats

Playing with your cats goes beyond simply entertaining them; It is an investment in your physical and mental well-being. These daily interactions not only strengthen the bond between you and your pet, but also encourage an active and healthy lifestyle for them. The benefits of these games are abundant: they stimulate their natural hunting instincts, improve their agility and coordination, and provide an outlet to release pent-up energy. Additionally, play offers a way to reduce stress in cats. and anxiety in cats, promoting an environment in which they feel safe and happy. By integrating playful activities into the daily routine, you significantly contribute to your cats' quality of life, giving them the opportunity to express their playful and curious nature.

What can I play with my cat?

Which glass is the prize in?

Never rule out this game as it stimulates your mind and offers a reward at the end. We are sure your cat will love it. Do you want to know how to play it? Follow these steps:

  1. You will need several clear plastic cups and small cat treats, such as treats or small toys. A good idea is to use Waggy's CBD cat treats and hide them inside these cups.

  1. Show your cat the treats and then place them under some glasses while he watches. Make sure your cat is interested in treats.
  2. While your cat watches, mix up the glasses so he can't visually follow the treat. Add a treat under one of the glasses.
  3. Encourage your cat to choose a glass by moving it with your hand or giving verbal cues. When chosen correctly, celebrate and delight your cat with the treat!

Let's reuse socks!

Let's not throw away our old socks, they can still be used to provide hours and hours of fun for our michis:

  1. Look for old socks, preferably cotton, that you no longer need.
  2. Fill socks with soft stuffing, such as cotton or recycled fabric. You can also add catnip for cats , to make them even more attractive. Taking advantage Have you already read our article on catnip? We recommend it to you
  3. Tie knots in socks to create toys for your cat to catch and chew on. You can also give them fun shapes, like balls or animals, by tying them in a specific way.
  4. Make sure the socks are secure and there are no small pieces that your cat could swallow. Monitor the game to ensure safety.


It is always important to awaken our feline's hunting instinct, so hide-and-seek is the perfect game for this:

  1. Make sure you have safe, accessible places for your cat to hide, such as boxes, blankets, or areas under furniture.
  2. Hide small toys or treats in different hiding places. Cats love to search and find.
  3. Get your cat's attention and then have him follow you to one of the hiding places. You can use toys or treats to guide him.
  4. When your cat finds the hiding place and surprises, celebrate with petting, praise, and, if appropriate, some extra treats!

catch the prey

Another game to awaken your hunting instinct is this one, below we tell you how to do it:

  1. Use wand toys with feathers, ribbons, or dangling toys that you can move quickly and agilely.
  2. Move the toy unpredictably, imitating the movements of prey. Make him jump, move laterally and hide to challenge your cat.
  3. From time to time, allow your cat to reach out and "catch" the toy. This satisfies your hunting instinct and gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  4. Play for short periods to keep the excitement going. Stop if you notice your cat getting tired or distracted.

look for the ball

This game is good for promoting our cat's agility since it is an activity that awakens its hunting ability and instinct:

  1. Gather several toy balls of appropriate size for your cat, they can be plastic or rubber.
  2. Place the balls inside cardboard boxes or tunnels. Make sure there are multiple entrances and exits for your cat to explore.
  3. Let your cat explore and find out where the ball is. You can add more balls in different places to increase the fun.
  4. Celebrate when your cat finds the ball. You can reward him with petting, praise, or even treats.

Paper Ball Race

  1. Choose an area on the floor where your cat has enough room to move and run. Make sure there are no obstacles that could interfere with the fun.
  2. Make small, lightweight paper balls.
  3. Place the paper balls on the floor, distributing them evenly in the playing area. You can scatter them randomly or create a pattern, depending on your cat's preference.
  4. As the paper balls begin to roll, your cat will be tempted to chase them. Encourage your cat to run, jump and pat the balls with his paws.
  5. Every time your cat catches a pellet, praise him and offer him a small reward, such as a pet or a treat. This reinforces the positive association with the game.

Laser Festival

  1. Choose a room with free space and no fragile or dangerous objects. Make sure there is enough ambient light for the laser beam to be clearly visible.
  2. Turn on the flashlight with laser pointer light. Aim the beam at the ground and make sure it is visible and attractive to your cat.
  3. Move the laser beam unpredictably on the ground. Alternate between fast and slow movements, changing direction to keep your cat's attention. Encourage your cat to chase the lightning bolt as it moves through space.
  4. Aim the beam at interactive objects, such as toys or treats, so your cat can "catch" the target. End the session by pointing the beam at a still point and allowing your cat to reach and "capture" the last target. After the game, offer rewards and petting to close the experience on a positive note.

How to entertain a cat that is left alone?

Magic boxes maze

Would you like to create fun for your michi? Turn your cardboard boxes into an amazing magical box maze in four easy steps:

  1. Look for boxes of different sizes, you can recycle the boxes from your recent deliveries now in these holiday purchases.
  2. Use the scissors to cut openings in the boxes and create interconnecting hallways. Make sure you leave enough space for your cat to explore.
  3. Use strong tape to join the boxes together to form a maze. You can stack them and place them at different angles to make it more interesting.
  4. Place cat toys in different areas of the maze. These can be balls, toy mice, or feathers for your cat to chase.

Multi-story scratching post

Another option that Waggys recommends is to build a tower of feline scratches with cardboard boxes, stay reading and we'll tell you how:

  1. Cut the cardboard boxes into different sizes and shapes, you can make some taller and some wider to create variety.
  2. Cover the boxes with sisal rope or sandpaper. Use double-sided tape to secure the scratch material around the boxes. This will provide your cat with an ideal surface to sharpen their claws.
  3. Place the boxes on top of each other forming a tower. Make sure they are well balanced and secure them together with tape.
  4. Include some cat toys on the different levels of the tower. This will make the experience even more fun.

Paper bag with toys

Does your cat love to hide and play inside bags? Make the fun even better with a Magic Bag full of surprises!

  1. Open the paper bag and make sure it is flat on the floor.
  2. Place some cat toys inside the bag. These can be toys that make noise, small balls, or even toys with feathers to make it more interesting.

Crazy Mouse Waggys

This is the best smart toy you can give your feline and will guarantee hours of quality and fun for him while you are not at home. It is safe, rechargeable, automatic and colorful. You really have to get yours.

Games for cats on screen

Hunt the Virtual Mouse

This interactive game simulates the thrill of the hunt for your cat. With an app designed for cats, a virtual mouse will appear that moves around the screen. Your cat will be able to chase it and "hunt" it by touching the screen. This game safely stimulates your hunting instinct and provides an entertaining and visually appealing experience.

Swimming Fish Adventure

Immerse yourself in aquatic fun with this on-screen game featuring swimming fish. The fish move across the screen, and your cat can "catch" them by touching or following them with their paws. The variability in the speed and direction of the fish will keep your cat entertained while they enjoy their own underwater adventure.

Mysterious Lights and Shadows

This game incorporates lights and shadows to attract your cat's attention. Project patterns of light and shadows on the screen, and watch your cat try to catch them. You can vary the patterns to keep your cat's interest, providing a stimulating and engaging visual experience.

Tips for playing with your cat 

Respect your cat's rhythm and personality

Each cat is unique, with its own preferences and energy levels. When playing with your cat, observe its behavior and respect its rhythm. Some cats are more active and playful, while others may prefer shorter, gentler play sessions. Adjust the intensity of the game according to your cat's personality to ensure they enjoy and feel comfortable.

Use safe and appropriate toys

Select toys that are safe and suitable for cats. Avoid those with small parts that can be ingested and opt for toys designed specifically for pets. Feather wands, rubber balls, and catnip-filled toys are often popular choices. Regularly inspect toys for wear and replace them if necessary to prevent choking or injury risks.

Incorporates variety and mental stimulation

Keep the game interesting by incorporating variety and mental stimulation. Change the types of toys, the length of sessions and the way you interact. You can try hide-and-seek games, chasing toys that imitate prey, or even hiding treats for your cat to look for. Variety not only keeps your cat engaged, but also stimulates his mind, which is beneficial for his overall well-being.


In conclusion, in this blog we learned that playing with our cats is not only a fun activity, but also essential for their overall well-being. These play sessions not only strengthen the bond between you and your cat, but also promote their physical and mental health. By encouraging their hunting instinct, providing mental stimulation, and offering an outlet for their energy, you contribute to an environment in which your cat can thrive and be happy. So, encourage yourself to take a few minutes every day to enjoy playful moments with your michi friend! The reward is a stronger relationship and a healthier, more satisfied cat.

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