Why does my dog ​​bite everything? Causes and How to Avoid it 2023

¿Por qué mi Perro Muerde Todo? Causas y Cómo Evitarlo 2023

When they are puppies, it is funny and tender to come home and our pet has taken out the toilet paper or thrown away the cushions on the sofa, right? 

But is it normal for him to continue doing it in an adult stage? Stay to read this blog and together with Waggy's find out if this is normal behavior or a symptom of something else.

Why does my dog ​​bite everything?

For our pets, biting things is one of their most common behaviors. Dogs learn about the feel and texture of an object with their mouths so, from an early age, it is important to teach your dog what is okay to bite and what is not.

Also, let's remember that dogs bite things to sharpen their teeth or for the satisfying sensation that this produces in their gums, especially when they are puppies. However, if your pet already destroys as an adult or does not have control of this action, it may represent the presence of a fault or problem.

7 possible causes

Our friend is changing teeth

Just as it happens to us, our dogs also go through a process of shedding their teeth. When they are puppies they have a total of 28 teeth and from week 16, their milk teeth fall out and space is created for the adult teeth with 42 teeth. The change of teeth in puppies lasts approximately three months and brings with it a lot of discomfort and pain that our dog relieves by biting things.

Remember to pay attention to the oral cleaning of dogs , good hygiene will help make the process less painful and the new teeth stay strong and healthy.

He is exploring his surroundings

When he bites everything in his puppy stage, you should understand that he is going through an exploratory phase and, since he lacks hands, his mouth is the only element he has to satisfy his curiosity and begin to relate to his environment. In this phase, our friend also goes through a learning process, so we recommend you not scold him too much and be patient.

For boredom

They also have their moments of procrastination, when dogs in their adult stage continue to bite things, it may be an indication that they are not receiving enough stimulation that they need during the day. You will need more than walking your pet around the colony so that it can vent all its energy.

Suffers from stress

Stress is not exclusive to us humans, they also suffer its ravages. This can arise from not having adequate stimulation or from having it in excess. In both cases, the action of biting helps them because it has a calming effect on them. Are you now understanding why you have to teach them what they can bite?

Stay home alone

When our pet is used to our presence or company, leaving it alone can cause them stress. Has it happened to you that you haven't been away from home for even 5 minutes and your pet has already bitten the legs of the table? Well, this can be boredom or stress. Meet the famous separation anxiety in dogs .

Suffers from anxiety

There are many factors that can cause anxiety in our furry ones, such as leaving them alone for very long periods of time or even sudden changes in their routines. All this can lead to the same action, which is to nibble on everything within their reach.

He's just following his instincts

There can be many causes but this is the most important to remember. The dog bites everything because it is part of its instincts, of its nature. Now, of course, we can and should influence this trend through many actions that will be explained in the next subtopic.

How to avoid it?

Although there are many reasons why our pet is having this behavior, remember that with patience and love, we can redirect their behavior so that they focus on venting only with the objects that we allow them.

We can buy many suitable toys for them such as balls, teethers, etc. Also, you can organize activities in which our furry ones vent all their energy, such as jogging or cycling. Finally, you can help yourself with some long-lasting snacks such as meats or some prizes to distract your pet for a while and not bite other objects.


The consequences of not properly resolving this situation may be that your pet will actually get used to biting everything and you will have many material losses in your home. From an emotional point of view, the stress with which our pet will constantly be living will be very great and it is something unfair that can be prevented.

How to teach a dog not to bite?

There are several methods that you can use to educate your pet correctly and avoid these behaviors, however remember that violence does not enter into any of them.

  • Give him toys that are suitable for him and above all, toys that he can chew.
  • We know that the economy is sometimes not the best, but do not give him old shoes, socks or gloves that you no longer use, because that will train your dog to chew your same things, but not the old ones.
  • If you see your dog chewing on something inappropriate, say "no" or "hey" quietly. Your pup will learn to recognize this sound and take it as a sign of disapproval.
  • With the action above, if your dog stops to look at you, praise him and give him his favorite chew toy.
  • Praise him every time you see him chewing on his toy and not other objects.
  • Put items you don't want chewing out of reach. If this is not possible, keep your dog out of the area by closing doors.
  • When you're not home, keep your dog in a safe area.
  • Increase the time of exercise and your workouts, this will make you tired and you will avoid accumulating so much energy being anxious for more time.

CBD to calm your dog

Do you already know the benefits of CBD for dogs ? The integration of CBD in your pet's body brings with it many benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety in dogs so common in these times. Other of its benefits would be to stimulate the appetite, assist in the management of cancer patients and above all, improve the quality of sleep, among others.

Incorporating this into the diet of our pets will improve their lives in many aspects, which is why we recommend you learn more about the Waggy's product line , they are the best treats for puppies on the market .

I recommend that you read the article All about Cbd for dogs , it will tell you what are the recommended doses that you should give your pet.



Our pets are living beings that, like us, need distractions, attention, mental and emotional relief. Therefore, it is necessary to make an effort and carry out activities with them that allow them to vent their energy.

As seen on the blog, dogs bite things by nature, however, our participation is also needed to establish limits and make our pet respect them. If you have already acquired the responsibility of having a pet, also have it to cover its needs.

Take him for a run, buy toys that make him happy, occasionally give him a treat or bait. Accompany him in all his life processes and consider the option of integrating CBD into his body. Greetings.

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