How to Teach a Cat to Use the Litter Box: Step by Step 2024

Cómo Enseñar a un Gato a usar el Arenero: Paso a Paso 2023

When we acquire the commitment of a pet, of a new best friend for life, we also acquire the responsibility of training it and teaching it what will be allowed in its environment and what will not. At Waggy's we consider that one of the most time-consuming and complicated tasks is learning to identify where you are allowed to relieve yourself, right?

Definitely no one likes to come home tired from work and find some grace from our cat in the living room, kitchen, dining room or hallway. This is why teaching your pet to use a litter box will be your best alternative and solution to this problem. We invite you to stay reading this article and discover everything you need to help your cat with this process. Let's start!

Why is it important to teach him to use the sandbox from a young age?

It is important because in the first instance, it guarantees hygiene and therefore the health of your pet and yours. Also, using a sandbox ensures an established place for your pet to relieve itself, this will eventually bring less confusion and illness. It is a very useful tool that you should not throw away on deaf ears.

Tips to teach the cat to use the litter box

Introduce the litter box as soon as possible

It really is not something that complicated because your cat will learn to use it because it will help him to carry out one of his most instinctive activities, toileting. This is why the sooner we give them that space and help them use it, the less headaches they will cause us when they grow up.

Closed or open litter box for cats. Which one to choose?

Every decision should be made with your cat in mind. If you buy the sandbox since it was a baby, you should take into account that your cat will grow, so buying a large and easily accessible sandbox will be your best option.

Choosing a closed sandbox will have its advantages such as greater privacy, there will be more order and odors will also be controlled a bit. However, the door or the walls can scare them by feeling locked up and just because of the lockdown of the smells, it is not attractive for them to get in.

We know it can be complex, but put yourself in your cat's place. What do you think will work best for him?

Find a suitable type of litter

Contrary to what people may know, there are many types of litter and it is important to us that you consider the following aspects before buying one:

  • They must not raise dust.
  • When they are small, they can try to eat the sand so keeping it clean will be a crucial issue.
  • Avoid scented litter. Cats in general hardly tolerate strong odors and even less when they are combined with their feces. Can you imagine that?
  • Make sure it's a litter that's easy to place and remove.
  • It should be an accessible and easy to get litter because your cat will get used to it and will not like that you change it often.
  • Preferably, a fine and absorbent litter is the best option.

Find a nice quiet place

Privacy will always be important to any living being, so making sure they have a quiet and private space will be the best thing you can do for them. We recommend looking for a corner that is not so busy and there are no loud noises like the washing machine or something similar. Lastly, it should not be near their feeding area.

Introduce your cat to the litter box

Take some time to introduce your cat to the litter box and all the tools that go with it. Teach him how to dig his necessities in the sand once he's done, hopefully after a few days he'll be able to do it on his own and on his own instinct.

Take him to the sandbox to relieve himself

All this can imply an environment that overwhelms you in the first instance because it is something new. Who is not afraid of beginnings? For this reason, we recommend you accompany him or put him in the sandbox so that he associates that this will be his place while giving him a little confidence to do so.

Reward him every time he uses it

Your cat will love that you reward him verbally or physically, in addition, a good prize can be your perfect ally to associate his act with something positive and encourage his daily life.

Do you know which prizes will be your best ally? The awards Waggy's for cats that, in addition to fulfilling its nutritional function, will help relax your pet and benefit it in many aspects, such as: relieves stress in cats , anxiety, among other emotional states.

There are a number of calming cat treats on the market that can help calm cats down. Below are some examples of 100% natural CBD treats for cats, which you can purchase in our store. The first, salmon flavor and the second tuna flavor. We recommend that you click on the images to see all the details:

See if you feel comfortable using it

The behavior of our pet tells us a lot about the path we should take. If you are not getting the expected results, we recommend you re-read this article and identify that factor that is failing.

Be patient and don't punish him

Shouting, scolding or punishing is not synonymous with educating anyone. If you carry out these actions, the only thing you will get will be to scare him, make him see the sandbox as an uncomfortable place and fail in the goal of the expected results. Remember that patience and the occasional prize will always be better than this.

How many times do you have to clean the cat litter box?

Preferably you have to clean the sandbox twice a day. You don't need to change the litter twice, just remove as much of the feces as possible and add litter so it doesn't feel empty. At the end of each week, you should change all the contents of the tray as well as wash the container with soap and water. For all hygiene measures are very necessary.

How long does it take a cat to learn to use the litter box?

This process is gradual and constant, so your cat will not get used to the box immediately. It is approximately after 4 weeks when a cat begins to use its litter box.

What do I do if my cat refuses to use the litter box?

It may be that your cat refuses to use the box and relieves itself in a part of the house that is clearly not desired. The first thing you should do is clean that place thoroughly to prevent it from coming back.

In the event that it does not work either, it is best to have your vet check it out to rule out any health problem.

How to teach an adult cat?

It will be a longer process but nothing impossible. The first thing you can do is limit his access to certain rooms and keep his litter box in this space in a discreet and private place so he feels comfortable and safe. As you see their behavior and evolution you can make other decisions.


In this article we understood the importance of teaching your pet to use the litter box and make it part of its environment as soon as possible. We hope that the tips recommended here will help you a lot and if you could put them into practice, we would love for you to tell us about your experience. And in case you want to continue learning other types of tips to educate your michi, I recommend that you read: dental cleaning in cats

We invite you to keep an eye on our social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok as well as not to miss any of the three weekly blogs. Thank you for reading and we will gladly see you in the next one. Greetings!

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