Cat meows: What is it and why do they do it?

Maullidos de gatos: ¿Qué es y Por qué lo hacen?

Without a doubt, we love our cats and many times when we hear them meow, we try to identify or understand what they mean to us. However, did you know that their meow is not used to communicate with other cats? For this they use other sounds. On many occasions they meow to get our attention or to try to communicate something. Stay reading this article and discover everything that Waggy's collected for you. In this article you will find the reason for their meowing, types of meows that exist, the relationship that exists with their behavior, among many other things. Let's get to it!

What is cat meowing?

They are sounds that cats produce when they gradually open and close their mouths, these can last from a fraction of a second to several seconds.

Despite the fact that we know all these sounds as meows, not all are the same or mean the same thing. There are different classifications depending on the sound; some sound like "me", others like "meow", also like "meow" or more like a "me-ee".

Each cat can learn to introduce some variations in its meows and for us, it is important to remember that all of them are born knowing how to meow instinctively.

Why do cats meow?

Some of the reasons that prompt your cat to meow may be the following:

Is hungry or thirsty

Cats' feeding schedules and amounts are different from dogs', they seek to snack on small amounts as it is good for their gastrointestinal system. If your cat didn't eat enough in the afternoon or evening, it will surely meow to ask for your support with food.

Stress or anxiety

They usually don't like changes, so new situations or forces in their environment stress them out. However, I have a great recommendation for you.

Treats with CBD for cats Waggy's will help reduce the stress in cats and anxiety and to be calmer in their day to day. To learn more about dosage, the uses and benefits of CBD for pets, visit our CBD in Cats article and start learning.


Sickness or pain

We must consider physical ailments as the cause of the meowing. Pain in internal organs and joints, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, kidney failure, heart disease, and any other diseases such as feline leukemia , ringworm in cats , toxoplasmosis in cats , and feline panleukopenia may cause restlessness and therefore, it will meow.

Hormonal situations

Mating season is seasonal in cats: when it's light for twelve hours and hormone levels rise, cats get lusty.


There may be a number of reasons why you feel lonely. It often occurs at night while the person is sleeping or when the cat is small, energetic, and playful.


If your cat wants attention, it will meow energetically.

Types of cat meow What does it mean?

Our cats can emit more sound than the simple "meow". For this reason, Waggy's explains the types of meowing that you can identify:


It is a typical, low-volume, rhythmic sound that generally indicates situations of joy or relaxation.


It is a sharp sound that accompanies pain situations or is generated by some kind of blow.


Do you remember that we talked about hormonal situations? Well, this is the type of meow that accompanies them. Generally it is because of situations of excitement.


It is usually accompanied by typical non-verbal expressions such as back arching or flat ears.


They are loud and long sounds that work as a type of threat to avoid fights with other cats.


Of this there are no characteristics as such, rather it refers to identifying the type of situation that generates the meow.

Cat meows and its behavior How to understand it?

Interpret and understand body language in cats . We leave you below, interpretations of different scenarios:

Follows you and meows

If a cat follows you and meows, it could be seeking your attention or company. Some cats are more vocal than others and use meows to communicate with their owners.

Caresses you and meows

If a cat is petting you and meowing at the same time, it's probably showing care and affection. Cats often purr and meow when they are happy and comfortable.

Scratches and meows at you

A scratching and meowing cat may be trying to communicate its frustration or discontent. This can happen if you are petting the cat in a way it doesn't like or if the cat is overstimulated.

It bristles and meows

Ruffled fur is often a sign that a cat is feeling threatened or scared. If a cat bristles and meows, it could be trying to warn you that it's uncomfortable or that there's something worrying about its environment.

Sees you and meows

If a cat sees you and meows, it could be greeting you or just trying to get your attention. Some cats are more talkative than others and use meows to interact with people.

My cat meows at night, what does it mean?

There really is no exact reason why cats meow at night, so this situation leads us to several meanings.

Cats are very different from each other and your cat may be very talkative, other cats prefer to walk around the house at night and when they are alone, they tend to meow. It may also be that they are wanting to communicate something.

Everything will depend on the context of the situation and also on the type of meow that it produces and that we already explained above.

What can I do if my cat meows at night?

Unfortunately for us, there is no manual that gives a step by step on how to act, however, we can recommend the only step; identify the situation that you consider is generating the meowing. Previously we exemplified some of them so that section can be your guide. After that, create a method to act and try to reduce this behavior of your pet.

How to understand your cat's meow?

Between each cat and its owner, a specific repertoire of meows can develop with which the cat has learned to express different needs and which its owner has learned to recognize.

In order for this communication code between the cat and its owner to develop, the behavior of the owner is fundamental: if when the cat meows, the owner reacts by feeding it or stroking it or opening a door, the cat can discover how to use the meow to draw attention. Also, if the cat meows because it wants to go out into the garden and the owner opens the door for it, the cat will stop meowing at that moment but opening the door "technically" will have enhanced the cat's meowing, which it will use again later to get the same result.

It is thus that much of what happens will be from the link and code that you generate between you.


The meowing of cats is not simply to request food, it is more complex than it seems and has different classifications. Many of the situations start from the observation that will be your best ally to later determine a way of acting and avoid meowing.

Remember that it is always beneficial to have the number of your veterinarian in case the situation becomes critical, you know how to act and you have a professional person guiding you in the process.

Waggys works daily to provide you with the information and content necessary to ensure the well-being of your pet. Until the next

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