My Dog Smells Bad: Causes and Best Solutions

Mi Perro Huele Mal: Causas y Mejores Soluciones

It is normal for our best dog friends to smell, after all they are living beings that emanate odors whether due to the food we give them, the physical activity they have or some other options. However, if your furry friend emits an exaggerated odor even after taking the necessary hygiene measures, this may mean some external problem. Do you want to know more?

I invite you to continue reading this article and together let's discover the possible reasons, causes and solutions for your pet's bad odor. Let's get started!

My dog ​​smells bad even if I bathe him: Causes

Excessive fat secretion

It refers to when our furry friend has an overproduction of fat, which leads to the excessive accumulation of oils on the dog's skin and coat. One of the reasons why this happens is if we bathe our pets too frequently, dogs produce more sebum than people since their pores are much more open and their skin and coat need it more. If we bathe them excessively we can destroy that layer that protects them and, then, skin problems may appear.

Skin infections

It is important that we check the skin of our pets since sometimes the bad smell can be associated with wounds, allergies, dermatitis or others. Humidity and lack of hygiene can encourage the development of bacteria, fungi or the decomposition of infected tissues that produce unpleasant odors. In these cases it will be essential to take them to a veterinary specialist so that they can provide a prompt solution.

Gastrointestinal disorders

Our furry dogs can also present gastrointestinal problems such as bloody diarrhea in dogs , constipation in dogs , gas in dogs or gastroenteritis, so if you identify a bad odor coming from them, you should investigate when was the last time they had bowel movements or if, for On the contrary, you have had an episode of diarrhea or even vomiting. Likewise, you could analyze if they recently ate something different or changed the type of food, everything counts to give relief to our pets.

Lack of cleanliness

Bathing our pets daily is not good, but not bathing them with the appropriate frequency is also not suitable for their well-being. The accumulation of dirt, food scraps or debris on the dog's coat can create an environment conducive to the growth of bacteria and bad odors. So now you know, we have to find the average so that our furry dogs are healthy and clean.

Otitis and ear infection

Ear infections in dogs are very common and one of them is Otitis. Otitis in dogs is a very common condition in which there is inflammation of their ear canal that can occur for different reasons, whether it be an allergy, a foreign object, water accumulated from not drying the ears properly, or even from a blow. . Because of this, an accumulation of pus, wax or even inflammation may form in the ear, causing very unpleasant odors.

Anal glands

Our furry dogs have glands on the sides of their anus that secrete a substance that helps them lubricate their feces and that serves as a personal scent mark, which helps them communicate and recognize each other. These glands normally produce secretions that are released during defecation, but sometimes they can become clogged, inflamed or infected, causing a bad odor.

Lack of oral cleaning

This cause of bad smell is related to our pet's bad breath. The accumulation of dental plaque and dental problems can lead to bad breath in dogs. Do you know how to brush their teeth and with what products? We leave you the following article on Dental Cleaning in Dogs

Medications that cause bad odor in dogs

Some medications can have side effects that affect body odor or secretions. If your dog is undergoing any treatment and you think it smells strange or very strong, discuss it with the specialist who prescribed it to find out if this may be the reason or, if it is not likely to be, then carry out the necessary tests to find out. detect the origin of the stench.

How to avoid bad odor in dogs? Solutions

Make sure the products do not irritate your pet's sensitive skin.

What should I do if my dog ​​keeps smelling bad?

Waggy's will always recommend that before taking any action related

Bathe your pet

Regular bathing of our pets is important, so we recommend using specific shampoo and conditioner for dogs. Be sure to dry your dog completely after bathing to avoid skin problems.

Dental care

At Waggys we will always advise you to brush your pet's teeth regularly with toothpaste and brushes designed for them. You can also provide chew toys to help keep their teeth clean.

Ear cleaning

Regularly clean the ears to prevent infections and bad odors. You can use specific cleaning solutions, however, remember to consult the veterinarian if you notice signs of infection.

Anal gland hygiene

Make sure the anal glands empty properly during bowel movements or consult your veterinarian to perform the procedure if necessary.

Feeding control

Food will always be a fundamental part of their development, so providing a balanced, high-quality diet to prevent gastrointestinal problems will always be the best option. We recommend avoiding sudden changes in diet, as they can cause stomach disorders and bad odors. Try the barf diet

Flatulence control

Avoid giving your dog foods known to cause flatulence, such as grains and certain vegetables. You can also divide daily meals into smaller portions to reduce gas production.

Infection prevention

Keep the coat clean and dry, especially in areas prone to infections. Don't forget to trim the hair if necessary to improve ventilation and reduce dirt buildup.

Visits to the vet

Schedule regular checkups to detect and treat health problems before they get worse. Likewise, you can consult with your veterinarian about the appropriate frequency of baths and specific care for your dog.

If you notice that these reviews generate stress and anxiety in dogs , what I recommend is that you prepare treats for puppies from the Waggy's brand, these contain CBD for dogs , which helps reduce these levels of anxiety and Omega 3 for dogs , which is a necessary component. and essential for the development of the puppy. I leave you photos of the products:

Clean environment

Regularly clean the area where the dog lives, including its bed and toys. Vacuum and ventilate the house to reduce environmental odors.

Moderate use of fragrances

Use specific products for dogs, such as deodorants or sprays, in moderate quantities. With proper care, it is essential to take our furry friends to the vet. The veterinary professional is the expert trained to perform thorough evaluations, identify potential health problems, and offer personalized guidance on the best approach to caring for our canine companion. Whether to address persistent odor issues, changes in behavior, or simply for a routine checkup, a visit to the veterinarian is the first and most important step.

How to eliminate dog smell in my house? homemade tricks

Eliminating dog odor at home can be a challenge, but there are some home tricks that waggys compiled for you. You can try them to maintain a cooler environment:

  • Maintain strict and regular cleaning at home
  • Use detergents that disinfect thoroughly to improve the quality of your pet's environment.
  • Use neutral air fresheners.
  • Frequently clean your pet's bed, toys, clothing and other objects that come into contact with it.
  • Don't allow your pet in areas that you can't clean as frequently as the couch or armchairs.
  • Use freshly scented fabric softeners or boil rosemary leaves to add fragrance to your bedding.
  • Mix white vinegar with water in a spray bottle and use it to clean surfaces.


In conclusion, as responsible owners, it is imperative to recognize the importance of preventing and addressing odor in our dogs. Maintaining good hygiene, scheduling regular visits to the veterinarian, and being attentive to changes in our pets' behavior and health are essential practices. Additionally, adopting grooming habits such as regular baths, tooth brushing, and proper attention to their ears and anal glands will go a long way toward keeping our canine companions fresh and healthy. By being responsible owners, we provide our dogs not only with love and companionship, but also with the comprehensive care they deserve to live full and happy lives, to live the life they deserve.

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