Why do Cats Purr? 8 Reasons and Meanings

¿Por qué los Gatos Ronronean? 8 Razones y Significados

Welcome to Waggy's ! This time, we are going to explore a fascinating behavior of our feline friends: purring. We will discover the various reasons why cats purr and how this can be linked to stressful situations in cats within their daily lives. Additionally, we will explain how Waggy's CBD products for cats can play an important role in reducing stress and anxiety in cats, helping them find emotional balance and reducing purring episodes caused by stressful situations. Go for it!

How does cats purr occur?

Purring in cats is produced by activating specific muscles in the larynx, which cause a vibration in the vocal cords as the cat inhales and exhales. This action is controlled by a repetitive nervous rhythm sent from the brain to the laryngeal muscles. As these muscles rapidly contract and relax, air passes through the vocal cords, creating the characteristic purring sound. Although often associated with pleasure and relaxation, cats may also purr in situations of stress, pain, or during recovery, suggesting that purring may have multiple functions, including a possible calming and healing effect.

Reasons for cats purring

Within the body language of cats , there are sounds and one of them is purring, below we explain its causes:

Expression of pleasure and relaxation: Purring is commonly associated with states of pleasure and relaxation. Cats often purr when they are being petted, curled up in a comfortable spot, or near their owners, indicating that they are happy and satisfied.

Communication with their owners: Cats use purring as a form of communication with their owners. This sound can be a way of asking for attention, food, or simply expressing affection. Purring can also calm and strengthen the bond between cat and human, this works just as cats' meowing does.

Calm and Comfort Behavior: Cats also purr in situations that might cause them stress or fear, such as during a visit to the vet or in the presence of strangers. This behavior is interpreted as a form of self-soothing, helping the cat relax in uncomfortable or stressful situations.

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Healing and Recovery: Purring has therapeutic properties. It is believed that the vibrations from purring can help heal wounds, reduce pain and strengthen bones. Purring frequencies, ranging from 25 to 150 Hz, are associated with tissue regeneration and growth, which can speed recovery from illness or injury.

Social Interaction: Newborn kittens purr to communicate with their mother, indicating their presence and well-being. Likewise, cats purr while nursing their babies, creating an environment of calm and security.

Asking for Help: In times of pain or discomfort, such as during childbirth, a cat may purr to ask for help or comfort. This purring can be a signal for other cats or even humans to provide support and attention.

Exploration and Curiosity: Some cats purr when they are exploring their environment or facing new experiences. This type of purring can help them stay calm and safe while they investigate their surroundings.

Routines and Habits: Purring can be part of a cat's daily routines, such as when sleeping or when they are about to eat. This routine can help establish a sense of normality and well-being.

Why does my cat purr when I pet him?

When you pet your cat, it is very common for it to purr in response to the pleasant sensation it experiences. Purring is a form of feline communication that indicates contentment and well-being. For cats, caressing is a sign of affection and security, and purring is their way of expressing their happiness and satisfaction at that moment. Additionally, physical contact with its owner can activate positive emotional responses in cats, leading to the release of endorphins and strengthening the bond between the cat and its human. In short, your cat's purring when petted is a sign that he or she feels happy, comfortable, and loved.

What benefits does cats purr have?

Cat purring offers a number of benefits for both cats and their owners:

For Cats

  • Purring is a sign that the cat is happy, relaxed and comfortable in its environment.
  • The act of purring can help cats reduce stress and anxiety, promoting a state of calm and tranquility.
  • The vibrations from purring may have therapeutic properties, helping to heal wounds, reduce pain and strengthen bones.
  • Purring strengthens the emotional bond between the cat and its owner, creating a deeper and more lasting connection.

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For the Owners

  • The sound of purring can have a calming effect on humans, reducing stress and promoting relaxation.
  • The act of petting a purring cat can provide a feeling of emotional well-being and comfort.
  • A cat's purr is a sign of its affection and closeness towards its owner, providing company and joy in the home.
  • It has been shown that owning a pet can have benefits for people's physical and mental health, including reducing blood pressure and the risk of heart disease.


In conclusion, cats' purring is a fascinating form of communication that reveals their happiness, well-being and attachment to their owners. Understanding the various reasons behind this behavior allows us to strengthen our bond with them and provide them with the love and care they deserve. As part of this special connection, Waggy's Bites Cat Treats offer a perfect opportunity to further strengthen this unique relationship. By spoiling our felines with these delicious treats made with natural, high-quality ingredients, we are not only showing them our love, but we are also providing them with a healthy and rewarding reward that they will enjoy.

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