30 Best Games for Dogs: Outside and At Home Stimulate him!

 30 Mejores Juegos para Perros: Exterior y En Casa ¡Estimúlalo!

There are countless activities that you can do with your dog but without a doubt, playtime is a time that you should not miss. The activity of playing with your pet will be one of the activities that bind you the most, in addition to the fact that your dog uses it to eliminate behavioral problems such as anxiety and aggression, among others.

In past blogs we have talked about the best toys, the problem of anxiety in dogs and the best snacks. Well, all those issues come together in this new article. We invite you to continue reading and discover what games you can play with your dog to continue helping their physical and emotional health.

Stay! I'm sure this information will help you. Go for it.

How to entertain a bored dog?

Playing with them even for the shortest time will always be the best option. The game helps your dog stay relaxed because it raises serotonin and dopamine levels, as well as helping his physical and mental stimulation.

However, in the event that you are not at home, another option is to constantly change their toys so that they are curious and have a variety of entertainment. Buying intelligence toys like the Waggy's Crazy Ball will be your best option to ensure that your dog plays whenever he wants, since the toy itself will create the necessary interaction for your pet to have fun.

What games can I play with my dog? How to have fun with a dog?

We know that your activities of the day leave you very tired and that is why Waggy's has decided to help you. So that you no longer worry about how to amuse your dog, below we will tell you about the best games that you can play outside or inside your home:

Outdoor games

Throwing the ball

Playing toss and fetch a ball with your dog will always be a good option. Remember that choosing a suitable ball for them will be the big difference, the ideal is to choose balls for dogs that do not break


Practice throwing a frisbee and allow your dog to catch it out of the air. You know that this game is a classic of classics, it never fails. Make sure the frisbee you choose is the right one for them and has the features we recommended in our previous Best Dog Toys You Didn't Know About 2023 blog.

Obstacle courses

Games of this type are perfect for mentally stimulating your furry friend while doing physical exercise. It consists of creating an obstacle course for your dog to jump, run and have fun. We invite you to do it and send a photo to our social networks.

Treasure hunting

Your dog will love this game, it will have fun developing its sense of smell and mind while finding something to eat. Hide treats or toys in the yard and let your dog find them.

Tug of war

It's a classic game of strength for your dog that will allow him to learn some obedience tricks while having fun. Your dog must learn to pull, loosen, and release the prey on command. You can also order him to stay still and when you indicate, pull him.


This game can serve in many directions. You can help him have fun, contribute to his training and also to his mental agility. Try agility activities, such as jumps and tunnels, to stimulate your dog.


If you have access to a safe place to swim, let your dog enjoy a swim and why not? enjoy it together.

Bubble chase

Blow bubbles and watch your dog chase them and try to catch them.

Speed ​​races

Organize speed races in an open area for your dog to run freely, this will allow your furry to discharge all its energy in a healthy and controlled way.

Hide and seek game

Playing hide-and-seek will be one of the most tender and fun activities you can organize. Hide and seek your dog in the garden or inside the house.

Indoor games

Prize dispenser toy

Use interactive treat-dispensing toys to keep your dog entertained.

Treasure hunt at home

This game is very stimulating because it helps to develop the sense of smell, it consists of hiding sweets in different areas of your home and letting your dog find them. I assure you that you will love it and it will fill your tummy while having fun.

Teaching tricks

This example is a great option to train your dog while having fun. Spend time teaching your dog new tricks, such as sitting, pawing, or rolling.

Plush game

Play toss and fetch a soft toy with your dog.

Puzzle for dogs

Use puzzle toys designed to challenge your dog's mind. These puzzles are ideal to stimulate your mind. The puzzles for dogs hide food balls in their pieces, so that the dog can find them.

Indoor Obstacle Courses

Create an obstacle course with chairs, pillows, and other objects for your dog to traverse.

Carton box game

This game may be something unusual or very little known, however, we assure you that it is effective. Poke holes in a cardboard box and hide treats inside for your dog to find.

How to entertain your dog when you are not at home?

Interactive toys will always be a good option and Waggy's knows it. This is why we invite you to be aware of the new releases of the Waggys Crazy Ball and Waggy's Crazy Mouse. Soon you will be able to purchase the best smart toys to continue developing this important activity with your pet. And remember that by entering the web, you will see that the best prizes for puppies are available on the market, and made with ingredients of the best quality, natural and specially designed for them.

Waggy's Awards contain natural ingredients, some of them are chamomile, which helps the digestive system giving balance and relaxation. They also contain olive oil that provides benefits to our furry's skin, hair, and heart, but above all, they contain CBD for dogs , which helps lower stress and anxiety levels in dogs . In addition, they are an excellent source of Omega 3 for dogs , a necessary and essential component for the development of our pet.


Your pet also learns by playing and, above all, it needs play so that its physical and mental development is good. We recommend you not throw away this quality time in the trash and even for 10 minutes, spend quality time with your furry playing and venting all the energy. Surely you also need those moments. Remember that you can follow us on all our social networks so you don't miss anything of the next releases. Greetings, see you in the next one.

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