How to Know if Your Cat Loves You? 8 Signs

¿Cómo Saber si tu Gato te Quiere? 8 Señales

Have you ever wondered if your cat really loves you? Felines are fascinating creatures with a wide range of behaviors that can be difficult to decipher. In our blog, we will investigate the telltale signs that indicate the affection and connection your cat feels towards you. From purring to kneading and beyond, discover how to interpret your feline's subtle gestures to better understand his love and appreciation for you. Join us to discover the secrets of the feline mind and delve deeper into the unique relationship you share with your furry companion.

How to know if your cat loves you? Signs


Purring is a classic sign that a cat is happy and relaxed. They may purr when they are near you, being petted, or even when they are resting next to you.


This behavior, also known as "kneading," occurs when your cat uses her front paws to gently knead on a surface or on your lap. It is an instinctive behavior that is usually associated with comfort and affection.

He approaches you and raises his tail

When a cat approaches you and raises its tail, it is a sign that it feels safe and comfortable with you. This behavior is a way of showing trust and attachment.

He gives you a gift

Although it may sometimes not be the most pleasant sign for humans, when a cat brings you a treat, such as a mouse or a toy, it is his way of sharing his hunt with you. This can be interpreted as a gesture of affection and trust.

Rubs his cheeks against you

Cats have facial glands that secrete pheromones, and when they rub their cheeks against you, they are marking you with their scent. This behavior is considered a way of marking territory and expressing affection towards you.

He lays face up near you

When a cat lies on its back near you, showing its belly, it is a sign that it feels safe and comfortable enough to expose its vulnerability. It is a way to show trust and affection towards you.

Sleep with you

When a cat chooses to sleep near you or even on top of you, it is a sign that they feel safe and comfortable in your presence. Cats are territorial creatures, so sharing their resting space with you is a sign of affection and trust.

He licks you with his rough tongue: Licking is a form of grooming among cats, but it can also be a sign of affection. When a cat licks you, it is showing its care and attachment to you.

How to show a cat that you love him?

Showing a cat that you love them involves creating a safe, loving and stimulating environment for them. You can make the following recommendations:

  • Spend quality time with your cat every day. Play with him, pet him and talk to him in a soft tone. Cats appreciate the company of their owners and enjoy social interaction.
  • Make sure your home is a safe and stimulating place for your cat. Provide a comfortable bed, cat toys, and high places to climb and rest.
  • Feed your cat a high-quality, balanced barf diet that meets their nutritional needs. Provides fresh, clean water at all times.
  • Take your cat to the vet for regular checkups and vaccinations. Keep your flea treatments, deworming and dental care up to date.
  • Respect your cat's personal space and don't force him to interact if he's not in the mood. Observe their signals and respect their need for rest and privacy.
  • Pay attention to the signals your cat sends you through his body language. Understand body language in cats and learn to understand their signals of affection, fear, cat stress or discomfort to respond appropriately.
  • Provide interactive toys, scratchers and activities to keep your cat mentally stimulated and physically active.
  • Take care of the grooming and hygiene of cats by brushing them regularly, cutting their nails when necessary and cleaning their eyes and ears.
  • Recognize and respect your cat's unique personality. Every cat has their own preferences and limits, so tailor your interactions to what is comfortable for them.
  • Accept your cat as he is, with his unique behaviors and quirks. Show him your love and affection consistently through your actions and attitudes towards him.

Why does my cat purr when he is with me?

When your cat purrs while with you, it is an expression of contentment, comfort, and happiness. This soft hum is produced by the vibration of the laryngeal muscles, and it is believed that it may have a communicative purpose, both towards other cats and towards humans. Often, purring occurs when they are being petted, during play, or simply when they are relaxing near you. It is a comforting sign that your cat feels safe and happy in your company, thus strengthening the bond between you.

What do cats think when we kiss them?

When we give them kisses, cats can interpret this display of affection in several ways, depending on their personality and previous experiences. Some cats may enjoy kisses and see them as a form of affection and extra attention from their owners. For others, kissing may be annoying or stressful, especially if they are not used to that type of physical contact. Cats have a very acute tactile sensitivity, so they can feel the contact of our lips and the pressure of our kisses intensely. In general, it is important to pay attention to the signals our cats send us and respect their individual limits and preferences when it comes to showing physical affection.

Why does my cat bite me when I pet him?

Sometimes cats may bite gently as a way of communicating that they are enjoying the interaction but are feeling too much stimulation or pressure on certain sensitive areas of their body. Another reason could be that they are trying to set limits or express discomfort if the way you are petting them is not to their liking. Sometimes cats may bite as a cat play instinct excessive, especially if the petting session becomes too intense for them. Adjusting the way you pet him and paying attention to his behavior can help prevent unwanted bites and strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

How to make my cat love me more?

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In conclusion, understanding if your cat loves you involves carefully observing its behavior and responding to the signals it shows you. From purring and kneading to sharing their space with you and seeking your company, there are many ways cats express affection toward their owners. By paying attention to these signs and responding with love and care, we can strengthen the bond with our felines and enjoy a satisfying and affectionate relationship with them.

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