Hypoallergenic Dogs: 30 Breeds that do not give Allergies

Perros Hipoalergénicos: 30 Razas que no dan Alergias

The dog will always be man's best friend and without a doubt, a companion that we all yearn to have since childhood, but what happens when people with allergies long for a furry one?

Today, Waggy's brings you all the information on 30 breeds suitable for living with people who have allergies as well as; qualities, characteristics and curiosities of these breeds.

For everything there are solutions and options, right? Your allergy will not be an impediment to having a furry best friend. Just stay and discover the necessary information to live with the best company. Let's get to it!

What makes a dog hypoallergenic?

A breed is considered hypoallergenic when the amount of hair that sheds is minimal or non-existent. By shedding their hair infrequently, they hardly generate dandruff, which makes them suitable for living with people who have allergies.

Dogs that do not give allergies are those that secrete less amount of allergens than other breeds and, therefore, the symptoms and the chances of reaction are reduced. Likewise, the care that must be taken with the fur is also minimal.

Hypoallergenic breeds: reality or myth?

Strictly speaking, hypoallergenic breeds are a myth because there is not a single dog that is so. There are factors that influence whether a breed is more suitable for people with allergies than others, such as hair shedding and the care they must take, however, we must not be confused. Allergy sufferers tend to react to dander or saliva which causes those affected to itch, sneeze or shortness of breath.

Even knowing this, there are lists of beautiful breeds that are the most suitable options for these cases.

What breeds of dogs are hypoallergenic?

To the surprise of many, there is a long list of dog breeds that are considered hypoallergenic. All of them will be broken down below, as well as their main characteristics. Stay to read them!

10 large hypoallergenic dogs

Giant schnauzer

This dog is undoubtedly beautiful and although it has a large amount of hair on its legs, eyebrows and whiskers, it does not mean that it will cause you to sneeze or cause allergies . Their size is the largest of the three types that exist and they really only need a moderate grooming to be well.


They are very intelligent dogs and easy to train, which makes them very popular pets around the world. All its size versions are hypoallergenic so there is nothing else to worry about giving him a cute haircut.

Afghan hound

Although its long and silky hair might make you believe that this dog will generate many allergies, it is not. This breed is also hypoallergenic, you just have to take good care of its coat and brush it a few times a day to avoid tangles in its fur.

Irish water spaniel

These dogs are perfect for adventures and sports because guess what, they love water. In addition to being hypoallergenic, they are born swimmers and their fur helps them repel water.

Lagotto Romagnolo

No doubt this breed has a very fancy name but don't be fooled by it. These dogs meet all the characteristics that we look for in a pet: they are not very hairy, active but not too hyperactive, easy to get along with, affectionate and will not cause any allergies.


This breed is iconic in many countries as it is known as the dog of the ancient Aztecs. They are quite loyal animals and there are two variants of this; with hair and without hair. In case of having one without hair, it is recommended to use sunscreen to protect their delicate skin and prevent damage.

Portuguese water dog

These hypoallergenic dogs have a playful and laid-back personality that makes them the joy of any home. One of his safe and basic needs will be that he needs regular walks to maintain his condition.


You will love having a greyhound as a pet because they are docile, friendly and very well behaved animals. Their hair is fixed and hard, which makes them hypoallergenic and safe for the well-being of your family.

Fox terrier

Forget about hair problems. This breed has the characteristic that its hair does not shed and just brushing it twice a week will be more than perfect. They are generally dynamic and very sociable.


These dogs have short, fine hair that has minimal shedding. They are hunting dogs that behave very similar to cats. You will love having one of them.

10 breeds of small dogs for allergic children

Shih Tzu

Who does not know this breed? It is majestic and undoubtedly has a very large legacy around it. They are known for having a charming and friendly character but also for the natural growth of their hair. Don't worry, it's a hypoallergenic breed. Just worry about giving it a good maintenance and haircut.

Boston terrier

These are small dogs that lose little hair and do not cause allergies. Even so, it is important to maintain hygiene and tends to change the coat every so often.

Yorkshire Terrier

Despite its small size, with dogs with a lot of character. This is a breed that will need a lot of care with its coat so that it does not cause major problems. You will need to brush it constantly and have a good grooming.

Carin terrier

Despite the fact that you see that this breed has a high quality of hair, it is one of the ones that sheds the least because its hair is thick. They are very intrepid and will surely be very good adventure companions.

Bichon frize

Bichons are one of the American Kennel Club's top picks for allergy sufferers. It is a dog that, due to its size, is perfect for small spaces, as well as being one of the fluffiest breeds you can find.

Lhasa Apso

Can you believe that in its early days, this breed was bred to serve as a guard dog? This adorable breed loves long walks and doing lots of graces. If you keep it with a proper cut, the time you will dedicate to grooming and untangling hairballs will be minimal.

Chinese crested

This breed is highly iconic due to its fur-covered tail, head, and feet. These dogs are a great house companion that does not cause allergies because the places where they have hair are minimal.

Miniature schnauzer

As you will remember, we already talked about the qualities of these furry ones above. They are very intrepid companions who shed little which makes them perfect for your home. We recommend you play search games with him, they love it.

West Highland Terrier

Westies have a curious and lively demeanor, with the added bonus of minimal shedding. They have many advantages; They are cheerful and playful, their size is perfect for transporting them anywhere and they are also very popular and friendly.

Maltese bichon

The Maltese Bichon is an ancient Greek breed that can easily be classified as a "lap dog" because its fur is long and completely white, yet it does not cause allergies.

Other breeds of hypoallergenic dogs that do not give allergies

American Hairless Terrier

This furry is one of the safest options for allergy sufferers. As their name indicates, they do not have hair, so you should not worry about anything.

Kerry Blue Terrier

You will find a large number of colors in this breed but it is said to have a curiosity. As mentioned in his name, it can be seen that sometimes in his hair he will have some touches of blue. With this breed, it is also advisable to groom and brush them regularly.

Bichon Bolognese

This fluffy ball of fur is also a safe option for you. His hair doesn't change so he just needs you to brush and bathe him really well to be happy.

Coton de Tulear

The legacy of this breed is very curious and you will surely love having one as a pet because they are very mythical. Did you know that this dog descends from other dogs that survived an old shipwreck near Madagascar? Incredible, besides being curious, it is hypoallergenic.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

This breed sheds infrequently, but does require some work when it comes to maintenance.

Scottish terrier

Who doesn't remember Disney's Lady and the Tramp? This dog is adorable, very independent and even a bit stubborn. They were originally bred as fierce hunters, and their wiry, weather-resistant coat kept them protected in all climates.


This breed is very curious and cheerful. Their hair gives them a very elegant image and best of all, it hardly comes off. It will suffice with a good maintenance to be well.

Dandie Dinmont terrier

These long-haired, bushy-haired dogs are one of the oldest breeds in the UK. They are rustic, elongated, have short legs and despite being tiny they are very muscular.

Peruvian hairless dog

Like other hairless furry dogs, the color of their skin is very variable and with great care, a sunscreen can help you a lot with this issue. It is a breed native to Peru and it is perfect as a company.


This breed is gorgeous. Originally it is a dog that helped with the grazing and also used it to pull the sleds in Russia. It is a breed with a lot of youth and vitality, they have a very jovial spirit that will make you love them.


Did you like this article? Now you know that there are several options to choose your life partner and that, to a certain extent, they will not cause problems with your allergy. You just have to help them with good grooming, proper brushing and a nice haircut, not only to keep them aesthetically neat but also, this helps with the loss of dog hair that usually remains on clothes, armchairs and places where the puppy go

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As for articles, I recommend that you read: types of Siberian husky , you will have all the necessary information about other types of breeds and you will learn more about the subject.

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